Guys – What to wear for senior pictures | Minks Photography Cincinnati Senior Photographer

Guys here are four tips on what to wear for your senior pictures.

Tip 1: Start with Formal
I know guys get hot easier than girls, so always start with formal. This way you will be fresh out of an air conditioned car and not have to put on all of those clothes when you are already hot.

Tip 2: Think layers
Layers create different looks AND are easier than changing your entire outfit. In the first image below we started with the jacket and then took it off for a second look. Next the shirt and pants were changed then a pullover was put on. Simple, easy and quick change and you get multiple looks with not a lot of effort!

Tip 3: Limit your pants
Pants are the most difficult and time consuming item to change. Pick multiple shirts to go with one or two pair of pants. Notice in the images below that we have four different looks but only two pair of pants. Oh…and don’t forget a change of shoes, especially if you are going to have a formal look.

Tip 4: Keep distractions at bay
Steer clear of wording on shirts, pick solid shirts vs shirts with writing or distracting patterns.

Although I try to choose locations with places to change clothes, it isn’t always possible or sometimes public restrooms are closed. Although you have probably done this many times, just in case, check out this article on how to “become a Ninja clothes changer”

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