Guys – What to Wear For Senior Pictures – 4 Easy Tips

Guys here are four easy tips on what to wear for your senior pictures.

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Tip 1: Start with Formal

Let’s face it, guys typically get hot much easier than girls so I always suggest you start with your most formal look. This way you will be fresh out of an air conditioned car and not have to put on all of those extra clothes when you are already hot and sticky.  Even if isn’t hot outside, start with formal anyway so you won’t have to put on a suit toward the end of your session.  You can have your most comfortable clothes on at the end of your session so you are dressed and ready for free time with your friends once your senior portrait session is over.

Tip 2: Layer your clothing

If you start with a formal look you can remove items to get different looks before you actually need to change clothes.

Look #1 – Tie, Jacket, Dress Shirt, Dress Pants

Look #2 – Jacket, Dress Shirt, Dress Pants

Look #3 – Dress Shirt, Dress Pants

If you are not going with formal look consider layering a pullover with a nice shirt underneath for two looks.  If it’s hot outside start with the pullover but if it’s cold outside start with just the shirt and then add the pullover.  Either way two easy looks without much effort.

Bonus tip: Suits have been part of men’s fashion for centuries, and are a timeless and classic style.  A suit can make a man seem more attractive and distinguished so consider adding a formal suit to your senior pictures.

Tip 3: Limit your pants

Pants are the most difficult and time-consuming clothing item to change, especially when your session is outside in a public area.  Instead, select multiple shirts to go with two pair of pants.

If your first pair of pants are more formal consider selecting your second pair to be more casual or even consider a pair of nice shorts but steer clear of athletic shorts unless you are having some type of sports image created as one of your “looks”.

Bonus tip: Although you have probably changed in a car many times, just in case, check out this article on how to become a “Ninja clothes changer

senior guy sitting on curved cement bench

Tip 4: Keep distractions at bay

Steer clear of wording on shirts, with the exception of something very specific that you want to incorporate in one or two images, like a school shirt, and don’t make that your only outfit. Select solid shirts or shirts with discrete patterns vs shirts with writing or bold patterns as they tend to draw attention away from you and re-direct focus on the bold pattern or writing instead.

Bonus Tip:  Don’t forget the shoes!  Typically some full-length images will be created during your senior pictures so you want to ensure your shoes match the outfit and that they are in good condition.  Do not wear dirty, scuffed or well-worn shoes, they will stand out like a “score thumb”.

I work with my clients to plan their clothing selection prior to their senior session because clothing can make or break an image, so it's an important decision.

Contact me to find out how we can create custom senior pictures especially for your senior.

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