Professional Headshots Cincinnati, OH

Professional Head Shots

High-quality professional headshots are crucial, as they often form the initial impression others have of you. Whether you're in pursuit of a new job and require an image for your website, a book cover, auditioning for roles, or any other purpose, I can tailor something to meet your specific needs. I strive to simplify the process for your convenience.

I aim to capture the best of you efficiently because I understand the value of your time, allowing you to quickly return to your business commitments.

The duration of your session may range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The turnaround time for a single image is typically 24 hours.

Sessions are conducted in the Loveland, OH studio with a standard white or grey background. However, accommodations can be arranged if a specific color is required to match corporate branding.

Head Shot Pricing:

A session fee of 150 covers both the session time and comprehensive editing services.
The initial cost per high resolution digital file is 300 each, however as the quantity increases, the cost per image decreases.

Call or text 513.601.8870 to schedule an appointment or for further information.

Personal Branding

Personal branding sessions entail a comprehensive series of shots in various positions, occasionally incorporating interaction with a product. Primarily designed for individuals who own their own businesses or provide services like chefs, nutritionists, weight trainers, lawyers, etc., these sessions require more time and additional planning. The goal is to achieve diverse looks, generate numerous images, and match branding colors. The session may take place in-studio or on location, depending on specific requirements. Call, text 513.601.8870 or email for a specific quote.

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