Abby’s Senior Picture Outfits

Abby's Senior Picture Outfits | Cincinnati Ohio | Glenwood Gardens

high school senior girl sitting in front of a tree playing a guitar

Most girls know EXACTLY what they want for their senior photos and Abby was no different,  She had many senior picture ideas but most importantly she wanted flower field senior pictures.

I was a little worried because we were going to photograph in October and fields of flowers in Ohio in October are not very prevalent.  So I traveled and searched and sent Abby and her mom pictures of a location that I scouted and they loved it so I filed for a permit and received permission to photograph at Glenwood Gardens in Cincinnati.

As always we discuss and plan clothing prior to the session.  Abby planned for two senior picture dresses and although we couldn’t use her favorite dress, because it would have clashed with the greenery, the other two she selected were perfect.  She also included three casual outfits for a total of five senior photo outfits.


We planned for Abby and her parents to travel from Indianapolis to do her portrait session in the morning and then to do her reveal and selection later that day.  It was a very long day but because they traveled from out of state it was most beneficial to do it all in the same day.

At the end of our session, Abby told me “I made her Pinterest dreams come true!” and that made the very long day more than worth it!

Some of Mom's wonderful behind the scene images that shows the fun we had.

We had a day of fun with Dad in control of the hair-blowing, Mom in charge of behind-the-scenes pictures and my husband in charge of serenading Abby with her own guitar.

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