Football Senior Picture Ideas Loveland OH High School

Football Senior Picture Ideas | Loveland Ohio High School | Noah

Loveland Ohio high school football captains walking on field for coin toss

Capturing your accomplishments throughout your high school career in your senior pictures is a great way to tell “your high school story”.  I had the honor of creating Noah’s senior pictures and one, among many, of Noah’s amazing accomplishments is Football.  He, in fact, is going to continue to play in college and so he and his mom wanted to ensure we created some images highlighting football at the place he has spent a majority of his time.

When creating football senior pictures there are four main elements you want to incorporate:

#1 FOOTBALL.  That all-important “pigskin” has to be in at least some of your senior pictures.  Even if you can’t incorporate the rest of the following items in your senior pictures if you are a football player, you certainly own a football.

#2 YOUR JERSEY.  Most high school coaches are more than happy to allow you to utilize your jersey no matter what time of the year it is for your senior pictures.  If you have played football for many years, like Noah who has played since he was little, you know how important your jersey number is.  Some players have the privilege of having the same number since they were in youth football but regardless you probably have had the same number since at least your sophomore year and maybe even since you were a freshman, if you are lucky.

#3 YOUR HELMET. Just like your jersey your helmet is an integral part of your high school football uniform and adds an element of interest to your senior pictures even if you are not wearing it in the images.

#4 YOUR HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM.  This is where you have spent most of your high school football career.  From practice, after practice, to game time, if you have spent your entire high school career playing football you have likely spent hundreds of hours on this field so it holds tremendous memories and should be incorporated in your high school senior pictures if at all possible.  Most schools are very accommodating if you plan and ask in advance.  Never show up and just assume it is ok to use the field.  As a professional photographer, no matter which sport I am photographing I always call the school, ask for permission and schedule a time to use the field.

BONUS #1:  If you can incorporate your entire uniform, from helmet to cleats, some really sensational images can be created of you.  Capturing great images of you during a game is left to time and chance for so many different reasons but really incredible images can be re-created of you in your entire uniform during your senior portrait session.

BONUS #2: Smoke bombs are also a really fun addition to your senior portrait experience.

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Those images need to be PRINTED and preserved forever, we created a beautiful photo album for Noah that his family will be able to look at when he is far away at college on those days when he is especially missed and one day he will be able to show his kids and talk about the “good old days”.  Digital files are forgotten about and get lost but heirloom quality tangible items will last for generations to come!

loveland ohio football player senior picture laying on field holding a football
loveland ohio football player senior picture sitting on field by L paw
loveland ohio football player standing outside of stadium
loveland ohio football player senior picture standing on bleachers holding a football
loveland ohio football player senior picture with orange smoke bomb
loveland ohio football player senior picture sitting on bleachers with footbal
"Natalie Minks is amazing! She took beautiful (creative) photos, provided ease in scheduling & gave insightful tips on what to wear, recommended locations & time of day for best lighting, etc. A true professional while keeping the photo shoot fun & stress-free for our teen. Our son’s photo album book is a treasured keepsake & top-notch quality. We LOVE it & get so many compliments on it. Minks Photography went way above & beyond our expectations & Natalie is a gifted & talented photographer. Highly recommend!!"

Before and after football senior picture.
Bright shinny days don't always reflect the image you want to create when photographing a tough football player. So sometimes I embellish a little.

High school senior guy football player kneeling with football on high school field



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