Flower Field Senior Pictures | Loveland Ohio

Flower Field Senior Portraits | Loveland Ohio Senior Photographer

senior model team with yellow wild flowers

Flowers can make beautiful backgrounds for senior portraits.

September in Cincinnati has an abundance of beautiful yellow wildflowers so I took my model team to a nearby location for some flower field images.  We had a fun time twirling dresses and flipping hair for the camera, and then of course ice cream after.

senior girls eating ice cream

Flower fields provide a picturesque backdrop for senior portraits. The vibrant colors, lush blooms, and natural beauty of the surroundings add a unique, charming, and whimsical element that conveys a sense of femininity, elegance, and natural beauty that many senior girls want to be reflected in their senior portraits.

Flowers are timeless so they are a classic backdrop that won’t go out of style for years to come.  If you have a deep connection to nature and find solace and inspiration in natural settings a flower field is a great way to show your love for the outdoors.

Planning is Key!

Planning in advance is key especially since flowers bloom at different times of the year.  Consider the type of flowers you want in your portraits then plan your session at the time of year those specific flowers bloom, some popular flowers are sunflowers and wild flower fields.

Clothing selection is another key element when it comes to all portraits but is especially important when shooting in a flower field so colors don’t clash with the surroundings. I knew we would be shooting with yellow flowers so using color theory I selected a complementary and monochromatic color scheme for clothing as you can see in the images. 

color wheel

It is always important to reference the color wheel when selecting clothing color especially when photographing with a colorful backdrop.  Clothing color and style selection can make or break an image!

As a Cincinnati senior photographer, I create a complete custom experience for each of my clients working with them to find the best locations that reflect their personality and planning colors and clothing for them so we can create the best images for them to shine.

If you would like custom portraits for your senior please contact me to start the process or schedule a Zoom consultation to talk in detail about your senior.

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