Life skills we need to teach our high school senior – cooking from scratch

A life skill your high school senior needs to know is how to cook FROM SCRATCH.

We need to ensure our high school seniors (and even younger ages) know how to cook from scratch.  Certainly, they can Youtube how to do something but what if YouTube goes away?  Technology changes all the time and many things that used to be free become paid services and some just die or become obsolete.  

We need to ensure WE TEACH OUR KIDS life skills and not have them rely on someone or something else to learn those skills.

If we teach them to cook from scratch they can make anything but if they only know how to make boxed foods or microwave things, they are likely to have a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Remember:  “give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Do they know…

The difference between baking, simmering and boiling

Basics of boiling water and what it’s used for.

How to make a simple baked potato.

Food safety, what needs to be refrigerated, before and after cooking.

Safe consumption of meats and what temperatures they need to be cooked to.

Safely cleaning up so they don’t contaminate other foods and avoid food poisoning

Teach them microwave hacks for dorm room cooking so they don’t have to live off Ramen.

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